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About Us

At Hartsmede our design are inspired by the traditional artforms and global artisans who hand craft our products. Every piece is carefully designed in london and handmade in sustainable materials to order.

Designed is london with a touch of passion our exclusive range is designed to add a touch of unique elegance to you decor. 


Our passion to promote and curate the declining art of handcrafted goods led us on a journey through the silk route to anchor at the Deccan Plains to start our venture. We foresee to sail land far and wide and capture the treasures that will bring everlasting joy to the owner.

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Artisan 7.png

When we set out to create Hartsmede, we were conscious not to contribute to landfills, the waste and carbon footprint, at the core of which laid the artisans, their livelihood and revival in a small way that we can!

Our products are locally sourced in sustainable materials, be it wood, metal or textile and these are not mere objects, but a story crafted by the craftsperson.

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Decades of experience in sourcing goods and services globally the supply chain is short and robust at every link, poised to deliver a remarkable service from source to aisle.

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